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Anatha Launches First-Ever Global Crypto Brand Campaign Built On the Idea of ‘Crypto for Good’

Marketing & PR
Hot Springs, USA
Agency Essential Good launches new campaign showcasing 'Crypto for the 100%'

Essential Good has created a global multimedia marketing campaign to launch Anatha, a cryptocurrency company dedicated to building a new kind of decentralised, regenerative economy. This is the first advertising campaign from Anatha, and the first global brand launch of any cryptocurrency to a mainstream audience.

The public sale of its native token, ANATHA (as well as the launch of its mobile app on both iOS and Android) will take place on June 15. The ANATHA public token sale is among the first to accept debit and credit cards for as little as $50 to start. Buyers can also use either ethereum (ETH) or bitcoin (BTC). More information is available at

“Cryptocurrency and decentralization are going to dwarf the impact the internet has had,” said Edward DeLeon, founder and CEO, Anatha. “We wanted to work with a top-tier marketing team to create a campaign as bold and ambitious as we are. If you want to solve global poverty, you have to go big and get everyone everywhere involved.”

Founded by Apple, Adobe, Visa, and JP Morgan talent, Anatha is being marketed as “Crypto for the 100%.” The creative executions will run across video, digital, OTT, print, podcasts, social, and other media with a populist message that takes aim at establishment finance. The core target audience is the “Crypto-Curious”—an audience who believes in the power of money to create change but have not quite made the leap to decentralized currency.

At the core of Anatha’s offering is the goal of building a Universal Basic Income (UBI). The value generated by the Anatha network is returned to the community through a global rewards program where every individual action contributes to elevating the economic standing of all participants. As you do well, all participants share in that value.

A long-form digital video (1:20) summarizes the mission, introducing us to a cryptocurrency that is “100% accessible to 100% of everybody. Anatha is built on the belief that people who create value shouldn’t give it away.”

“The Anatha campaign has been an incredible opportunity to bring our strategic and creative expertise to the cryptocurrency space and create a campaign that strongly connects with a mainstream consumer audience hungry to engage in the crypto movement,” said Daniel Stein, founder and CEO, Essential Good. “We’re proud of the meaningful work we’ve created for Anatha to support their mission to create a regenerative, bottom-up universal basic income that can elevate all participants above the global poverty line.”

The campaign is running from June 15 through October 15, with media running in Bloomberg, the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, the New York Times, the Guardian, and the Utne Reader. Launch markets include the U.S., UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and The Netherlands.