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AMV BBDO create hard-hitting domestic violence radio campaign for Women’s Aid

Campaign to stop the silence on domestic violence in London


AMV BBDO and Women’s Aid have created a series of hard-hitting radio adverts to help combat the silence on domestic violence in London, supported by the Metropolitan Police Service. 
Nearly 1 in 5 murders in London is the result of domestic violence.   On average a woman is assaulted 35 times before going to the police.  Women’s Aid believe women have a right to live free from violence, and they are working with the Metropolitan Police to put a stop to it.
The aim of the campaign is to persuade people to call the police if ever they hear domestic abuse.  The ads, which contain the horrifying sounds of domestic violence, have run with the support of LBC radio and could only be broadcast at night.  Written to intentionally provoke the listener into a state of action, they contain sounds of abuse – a woman being punched, being dragged down the stairs - with a voiceover explaining exactly what is happening.  Listeners are asked to call a number to make the sounds stop.  To illustrate the point that we can all help end domestic violence, the ads will continue to run on air until listeners dial the number. They end with the message that, ‘Just as in real life, making a call can make it stop.’
The campaign was recorded with some impressive artists who have lent their support to the campaign.
- Olivia Coleman: Winner of Sundance Special Jury Prize, British Actress of the Year at London Critics Circle, Empire, Evening Standard and British Independent Film awards (Tyrannosaur, Iron Lady, Rev, Peep Show) 
- Lindsay Duncan: Three times BAFTA nominated Best Actress (Mansfield Park, Alice in Wonderland, Under the Tuscan Son, Perfect Strangers, G.B.H., Shooting the Past) 
- Dominic Savage: Two times BAFTA award winning director (Freefall, Nice Girl, When I was 12, Out of Control).
Nicki Norman, Deputy Chief Executive for Women’s Aid, said: 
"At Women’s Aid we believe that women have a right to live lives free from violence. This campaign shows that there is something you can do if you become aware that domestic violence is happening, and that by calling the police you could save a life. Two women every week in England and Wales are killed by their current or former partner, so we know that domestic violence incidents can be fatal. We know from working with the Met that they want action to stop violence against women and take this work very seriously, so if you hear it happening we would urge you to call them. We would like to sincerely thank everyone who generously gave their time to develop this important campaign"
Actor Lindsay Duncan, who provided the voiceover for the campaign, said: 
"Our homes and our relationships are where we expect to be safe and loved. The statistics on domestic violence undermine that assumption and show that we are all closer to a victim of violence than we like to think. I fully support this campaign because until we take some responsibility the violence will continue to ruin lives of women and children who could live next door to you or me"
Detective Chief Inspector Sam Faulkner of the Metropolitan Police Service Public Protection Unit said: 
"The MPS is fully supportive of the Women's Aid campaign to highlight and address the issue of Domestic Violence. We work closely in partnership with Women's Aid to provide total victim care and are committed to bringing Domestic Violence offenders to justice."
The ads first aired on Monday 30th April and can also be heard at
Project: Women’s Aid – Call to Complain
Client name & job title: Women’s Aid – Call to Complain
Brief (in one line): Get those that overhear incidents of Domestic Violence to call 999 and help stop it.
Creative Agency: AMV BBDO
Copywriter: Martin Lorraine
Art Director: Steve Jones
Agency Planner: Ila de Mello Kamath and Adam Glasner
Agency Account Man: Tom Shattock and Sam Sword
Agency Producer: Rebecca Scharf and Claire Toms
Media Agency: N/A
Media Planner: N/A
Production Company: QI Commercials – Stephen Gash
Director: Dominic Savage
Artists: Olivia Coleman, Lindsay Duncan, Sam Callis
Post-production Company: N/A
Audio Post-production: 750 MPH
Sound Engineer: Ben Gulvin
Digital Design Company: N/A
Exposure (e.g. Youtube, TV, press): Radio – LBC Radio 97.3FM
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