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Alkemy X Partners With Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation On Powerful PSA

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Los Angeles, USA
American National PSA was created by agency 4CM+M and hopes to inspire people to take action against homelessness and hunger
Creative content company Alkemy X recently teamed up with ad agency 4CM+M and the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation to help produce a national PSA that would inspire people to take action within their local communities against homelessness and hunger. Founded in 2006, the mission of the Foundation is to create innovative and long-lasting solutions to these issues and provide safe and affordable housing options in communities throughout the US.

 “It doesn’t take a scientist to cure hunger or a fancy economist to create safe housing,” says Jon Bon Jovi in a voiceover as the PSA opens on a community coming together to harvest and bring fresh, locally grown produce to the JBJ Soul Kitchen in Red Bank, New Jersey, a community kitchen where diners can contribute either volunteer hours or a monetary donation for their meals. The PSA then encourages viewers to make a difference in their own communities. “We can fix this… the choice is yours,” says Bon Jovi in closing.

 “On behalf of the JBJ Soul Foundation, I would like to thank [4CM+M Partner] Brad Lawrence, [Alkemy X Director] Kris Magyarits and Alkemy X for taking our vision and creating a powerful and bold PSA,” says Jon Bon Jovi. “The issues of hunger and homelessness in America are serious matters, but with the help of the caring individuals in communities across this land, we feel that we can make a real impact.”

 “This project is a great example of an organisation making a difference in local communities, and our commitment at Alkemy X to donating our time and services to support these wonderful causes,” says Alkemy X President & CEO Justin B. Wineburgh. “For us, this is about ‘doing good’ on top of ‘being good.’”

 “Jon Bon Jovi and his wife, Dorothea Hurley, truly walk the walk,” adds Alkemy X Director Kris Magyarits, who worked closely with 4CM+M Partner Brad Lawrence to script the PSA, which uses Bon Jovi’s own experience as an anecdote to inspire viewers to take action. “They’re very hands-on in all aspects of the foundation -- and they’re living this mission just as much as they’re asking people to live it. For that reason, we really wanted to capture their authentic voice and message for a national audience.”

 Drawing on its expertise in narrative and documentary-style storytelling, Alkemy X also paid a lot of attention to framing the individuals within the spot in a genuine and relatable way.

 “Bon Jovi is such a huge rock star, and many know him as such,” concludes John-Michael Trojan, Alkemy X Post Producer. “To keep the focus on the foundation, we made sure that he wasn’t featured in the beginning of the spot too prominently and that he was integrated into the piece in a more natural way. It was more purposeful to capture Bon Jovi in his element and speaking from the heart.
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