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Alexandra Green Presents a ‘Touch of the Divine’ for Artist Aurora
Production Company
London, UK
The conceptual live experience was produced by Bullion

The pandemic resulted in a lack of touring for music artists, but the music industry found a solution, experiencing a rise in conceptual live videos.

Streamed and presented as an experience, these live videos can recreate the feelings that fans might experience while viewing a music video or live gig, without ever having to leave the house. Although touring is now starting to return, these live experiences are continuing to gain popularity.

Bullion Productions worked with artist Aurora and a creative team at Mercury to produce and present an impressive six track performance that was recorded live, to mark the release of Aurora’s new album 'The Gods We Can Touch'. The performance was released as a ticketed event and streamed globally on a digital platform.

The online release was accompanied by a live stream chat function for fans, and a live Q&A afterwards, making it a digital event that is a memorable experience for the fans.

The director Alexandra Green is also a talented movement coach, which lent itself to the creation of a stunning visual, powered by human movement. This powerful aesthetic was accompanied by an impressive, ethereal set build.

Director Alexandra Green comments: “I wanted to create a cyclical journey within ‘A Touch of the Divine’. The aim was to create a progression in the scenes that unfold, a sense of moving from birth, through progression and decay to eventual death. I also wanted it to feel as though you are entering a different world, having the experience of being totally consumed and immersed in a space that is both theatrical and filmic.

The music is rousing and passionate, and the live film echoes this in the visuals. It feels powerful to me, in a way that is informed by Aurora’s presence and personality. The visual also expresses the dark and light of the natural/elemental world, and how this is paralleled in human experience.

The performance was filmed live, and this inherently human aspect to it was important, – perhaps especially so after a time of separation from each other. There is something to cherish in an experience that pulls people together, capturing a specific, collective moment in time.

It is through the collection of these unique, individual moments that a wider whole is created, a journey from beginning to end where we encounter ritual, human behaviour, fear, decay and joy. The film thus becomes a coherent, embodied whole, while retaining the multifaceted nature of both human and nonhuman life, matching the qualities within Aurora’s music.”

This live piece is an example of Bullion exploring new territories and areas of work to fuel their creativity. As the music/ live event space develops, Bullion is establishing its position at the forefront.

Executive producer Joel Spencer commented: “The Aurora project was one we were very excited about, with our director Alexandra Green looking forward to working on another live piece after the success of her beautiful film for Nao last year. Despite initial apprehensions about shooting six tracks over the course of one day, we decided to really push the surreal element through production design to elevate what a live performance piece could be. This was further amplified by the fact the film was to be broadcast live online Infront of thousands of Aurora’s passionate fans – This was then we knew we needed to deliver something epic. 

"As with the way of the world at the moment, Covid impacted on the production and lead to the need for some super quick thinking in order to keep the project on track. Ally our director, who was also choreographing the piece, fell ill with the virus so had to collaborate with an amazing choreographer in Olivia Lockwood, who really nailed Ally’s vision while adding her own touch. This also meant that Ally couldn’t be present on set, so a remote system was put in place and an ambitious shoot became even more so. Props to our producer Nailah Blissett who held it all together.

"In the end everything was worth it. A live premiere took place at Ham Yard Hotel and the artist Aurora was over the moon with the final piece. The film really brought the themes of Aurora’s album to life, with elemental touches that realised her vision in psychical form. From beginning to end it was a joy to work with Mercury Studios who were overseeing the creative on the project, and we hope to work with them again soon.”