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ALDI Continues 'Good Different' Positioning with 'Pointless Points' Campaign by BMF, Sydney

Advertising Agency
Sydney, Australia
The 'Pointless Points' campaign aims to restore faith in customers about loyalty card point schemes
ALDI Australia is continuing its 'Good Different' positioning with its latest integrated campaign via BMF, Sydney. 

The campaign celebrates another key difference between ALDI and the supermarket competition. Namely, ALDI doesn't have a reward scheme, they just save you more money than anyone else.

Shoppers often feel loyalty schemes are a good way to save money, when in truth it's a trick designed to make you spend more. 

Says BMF Sydney executive creative director Alex Derwin: "When it costs you $356,000 in groceries to earn enough points for an outdated laptop, something's not right. While we all suspect that loyalty schemes don't provide value for money, there's something deeply psychological in our devotion to the points. It needed to be called out, and there's nobody better to do it than ALDI."

Adds Paul Coles, BMF's general manager, ALDI: "Loyalty schemes are a bit like stamp collecting. You'll spend loads of time and money building your collection, hoping that one day you'll trade them for a fortune. But that day never comes and you realise you just wasted all your weekends attending swap meets. ALDI don't do loyalty schemes, because it would stop them being able to give shoppers the lowest possible prices - simple."

Says ALDI Australia marketing director, Mark Richardson: "ALDI has a different point of view on loyalty. In the 17 years we've been operating in Australia, we've created a loyal following of customers by offering consistently low prices and great quality goods. Customers continually tell us that this is what matters most to them."  
If you're still not convinced, check out the ALDI Reward Scheme Calculator
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