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Alaska Clothing Sends a Strong Message in Stark Climate Campaign
Advertising Agency
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Wunderman Thompson worked with Alaska on the campaign to raise awareness of people's responsibility to save the planet

In the last 40 years, the human race has brought thousands of species to the brink of extinction, putting our ecosystem and now our very existence at risk. 

The intentional fires in several places in the world (USA, Brazil, Australia and Argentina at the moment) are proof of how dangerous we are to the planet. Almost two million hectares have been burnt in 2020, ending with native forests and wildlife, but we still have time to turn this situation around and start taking actions and decisions that help the planet and save us from extinction.

Fortunately, while humans may be the worst threat to the planet, we are also the best solution. That is the key message Alaska and Wunderman Thompson convey in their new campaign to raise awareness of our responsibility.  

Dany Minaker and Patán Tarazaga, Wunderman Thompson's Latam CCOs, said "We notice how our existence is threatened by external factors, when everything seems to point out the problem is actually much closer than we think. We go on with our normal lives, without realising the planet is burning. That’s the powerful message we seek to reflect with this campaign. Global warming is happening today. It's time take responsibility for it and do something about it".  

Alaska is a brand created in 2010 to bring people closer to nature, where unique and unrepeatable moments are experienced. "Traveling, extreme sports, adventure races, mountains, snow, trekking, rivers, are some of the images that inspire us when designing the brand's products. In Alaska we are lovers of nature for its incredible landscapes, for the fun, and the peace surrounding it", Anibal Desimone, from Alaska Mountain, added.

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