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Advertising Needs to Stand up to Racism

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Dublin, Ireland
IAPI's latest leadership series event will share insight and suggest structure to the advertising industry

L-R: Claudia Hoareau, Emer O’Neill and Stha Banks

This online seminar promises to be an eye-opener and is a must-attend for anyone who wishes to understand a bit more about the prevalence of racism in Irish society and how it impacts the advertising industry. IAPI panel will share their insights and suggest ways in which we can structure the advertising industry to provide a more diverse and inclusive environment.

IAPI’s keynote speaker, Claudia Hoareau, helps industries like ours not only access talent from ethnic minorities but also provide an inclusive culture once they become part of the team. Her role on the Board of INAR (Irish Network Against Racism) enables her to help those marginalised in Irish society and she will share some facts and stories with us that we may find surprising.

The two other panelists, Stha Banks and Emer O'Neill, will share their experiences of working in our industry and again, will provide guests with the tools to ensure we are helping to build and shape the careers of those entering advertising from ethnic minorities.

Stha’s successful career has been hard won and she is still one of the very few people of colour in our industry. Given that technology has expanded our ways of working, including working from home, now is the time to cast our net a bit wider for our future talent. There is talent outside of Dublin who have not previously been able to afford to live and work in the city, or, for whom the advertising industry has not seemed relevant.

Emer, on the other hand, will express her forthright view on representation within advertising that provides ethnic minorities with positive role models. Her own career has suffered through this lack of representation which we know has also proven frustrating for creatives when casting for advertising shoots.

This event will be live-streamed over Zoom and moderated by IAPI CEO, Charley Stoney. Claudia's key-note will be followed by a moderated panel discussion so we encourage you to come with an inquisitive mindset so we can add your questions into the live Q&A.

Register here for the event taking place on September 4th from 12:45pm to 14:00 pm. 

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