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adidas Christmas Campaign with Ebenezer Snoop

Illustrated by Beavis & Butthead's JJ Sedelmaier


adidas has launched a pioneering holiday campaign for Christmas 2012. The campaign from Sid Lee enlists the help of some of the world’s finest sporting and cultural icons, to turn social media content into a timeline-changing classic holiday tale. 
At the heart of the campaign is ‘The Cautionary Tale of Ebenezer Snoop’ – an online film with a healthy dose of festive spirit. As the film closes, users are invited to find out if they are a social saint or social Scrooge – but fear not, there is hope of redemption in the form of an innovative Facebook app.

Illustrated by legendary Beavis & Butthead artist JJ Sedelmaier, the film features global music heavyweight Snoop Lion alongside skateboarder Mark Gonzales. ‘The Cautionary Tale of Ebenezer Snoop’ follows the path of the classic Charles Dickens story ‘A Christmas Carol’. The Ghosts of Holiday Past (Stan Smith), Present (David Beckham) and Future (Derrick Rose & Rita Ora) confront Ebenezer Snoop, while a host of other global adidas stars pop up in cameo roles. Viewers can then return to Facebook to create their own story.
The adidas Holiday Facebook application produces a personalised journey that mirrors the structure of the Ebenezer Snoop film content. Snoop might not be the only Ebenezer! By aggregating user data around certain Facebook activities such as comments, birthday well-wishes and event responses, adidas creates uniquely tailored Ebenezer film. The app pulls in these features from your Facebook timeline, proposing a bleak future digital life if users do not mend their Scrooge-like social skills.
At the end of the personalised journey, adidas offers the opportunity of redemption by sending a Facebook greeting card featuring JJ Sedelmaier’s campaign illustrations to friends. The gift that accompanies the card is dependent on Ebenezer levels. A truly interactive online campaign that works across social media, adidas recognises the importance of the digital world to its consumers and presents a complete holiday gift-giving solution to its fans.
“The Ebenezer Snoop Holiday Campaign is the most user-specific app adidas has ever created, examining consumer behaviour to produce a truly personalised online experience,” said Gabriel Jaffe, Senior Digital Communications Manager, AG. “There is so much noise during the holidays, we’ve created a simple yet effective app to cut straight through. The Ebenezer Snoop Facebook app aggregates your personal Facebook information to produce a film entirely for you. Using the Timeline we are suggesting how your timeline could look if you don’t mend your ways!” 

The Facebook app is available at



Agency: Sid Lee

Production company: Jimmy Lee