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adidas' Breast Gallery Features Bare Breasts to Launch New Collection of Sports Bras
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Amsterdam, Netherlands
TBWA\NEBOKO brought together athletes and a female-led team to highlight body differences

The campaign #SupportIsEverything is one of the most disruptive pieces in the larger adidas Bra Revolution global campaign, created by adidas in partnership with TBWA\NEBOKO.

To launch its re-engineered sports bra portfolio, adidas has debuted the Breast Gallery, showcasing bare breasts in an homage to how beautiful our bodies are, just as they are. The Breast Gallery pre-launched as part of a broader campaign to introduce adidas’ new sports bra line, which features 43 different styles and 72 sizes. The uncensored breasts are accompanied by a simple message: “The reasons we didn’t make just one new sports bra.” On Valentine’s Day, adidas will unveil its new sports bra collection. 

Variations of this image debuted on Twitter and Instagram and a billboard was also unveiled at adidas’ headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany, with others launching soon in different markets.

The campaign and product offering was borne out of the fact that 90% of women aren’t wearing the right sports bra. Women’s bodies and breasts come in many shapes and sizes and there are endless ways in which they move during exercise, and women should have more options when it comes to bras.

There was one goal when TBWA\NEBOKO brought together athletes and a female-led team to create the campaign: #SupportIsEverything. The individual images, which were stacked in a grid, were cropped below the neck to ensure anonymity and a focus on the women's breasts. The photography approach is heavily inspired by the visual language of photo-journaling, using the lens to tell intimate, personal stories of our athletes, models and product.

The photographer Sophie Ebrard was selected for the project. She has been photographing women in the nude as personal projects and studies of the female form, physically and emotionally. The female gaze was imperative to this project in order to create intimacy, acceptance and a safe space.

Annie Chiu, creative director at TBWA\NEBOKO said: “As a creative director, we always hope to create work that impacts culture for real change. For women in sport, there is still a long way to go, but it’s steps like this that opens the door for more. In seeing this campaign, I hope that all women look at the Breast Gallery and have the same epiphany I had, ‘my body is normal and it’s perfect just the way it is’.”

Natalie Gruis, chief strategy officer at TBWA\NEBOKO adds: “Women have been restricted by bra options that are not inclusive of all women, how their body changes and every type of activity in their life for long enough. This campaign was born from real insight, to solve a genuine problem. Strategy that starts from the product has enabled us to get to an idea that exists in the world in support of her limitless potential, so that every woman can feel supported.”

Natalia Forster, business director, TBWA\NEBOKO added: “Staying true to adidas' purpose, ‘Sport has the power to change lives,’  this campaign will hopefully have a positive impact, helping women feel seen and finally accepted in sport, no matter their body shape or size.” 

A participating model, after the shoot: “I lived in LA for several years, which is a very ageist place. Lots of women use plastic surgery to look/stay young. I'm not judging that, but it was empowering to see women of all ages at this shoot, showing off their natural beautiful boobs with such pride. Yes, their boobs may look different than they did when they were younger, but that's because of all these amazing life experiences. I was really touched by that. I always feel like everybody wants to grow old, but no-one wants to be old. Let alone look old. This shoot taught me that ageing is a beautiful thing.”

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