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Adfest 2013 - Day 2 Winners

Interactive, Mobile, Print Craft, Design, Press, New Director & Film Craft Lotus Awards


The winners of the Interactive, Mobile, Print Craft, Design, Press, New Director and Film Craft Lotus were announced at the end of the second day at the 16th Asia Pacific Advertising Festival (ADFEST), held at PEACH, Royal Cliff Hotels Group in Pattaya, Thailand.
Interactive Lotus
Cyber Lotus has been re-named Interactive Lotus for Connect the Dots: ADFEST 2013. This year there were 203 entries.
Interactive Jury President Valerie Cheng, Executive Creative Director for JWT Singapore said, “What was interesting was the winning work was chosen not so much due to the new technology it used but more on the insightful way the campaign used pre-existing technology that demonstrated how digital is really a way of life not just a media channel. It showed that digital is really a integrated part of people’s lives.”
21 awards were announced, including 11 Bronze, 6 Silver, 3 Gold and 1 Grande.
The Grande was presented to Clemenger BBDO, Sydney for its ‘Mimeisthai’ work for TEDxSydney.
Three Golds were won by Party, Tokyo for ‘Unicorn x Space Brothers “Feel So Moon”’, McCann Melbourne for ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ and DDB DM9JamesSyfu, Manila for ‘Bury the Past’.
Mobile Lotus
Mobile Lotus is a new category introduced this year and received 62 entries. There were 6 awards given in the category, including 2 Silvers and 4 Bronze Lotus.
The 2 Silvers were won by beacon communications kk, Tokyo for ‘9 heroes’ and JWT Singapore for ‘Rapid Rescue’.
Valerie Cheng, Executive Creative Director for JWT Singapore was chairing the Jury for the Mobile Lotus category. She said, “We were hoping to see more work in the mobile category this year. The straightforward criteria to win work in this category is it had to be entertaining ad useful.
“We could see that the winning work in mobile was something that people would genuinely want to download and that it was easy for them to engage with.”
Press Lotus
From 408 entries in the Press category (up from 335 in 2012), there were 30 Lotus trophies awarded including 1 Grande, 3 Golds, 10 Silvers and 16 Bronzes. Best of Show for the Press category went to Leo Burnett Sydney for Bunderberg Red’s ‘Butterfly/Catfish/Pig, in the Alcoholic Beverages category.
Press Jury president, Ronald Ng, Chief Creative Officer of BBDO/Proximity Singapore explained, “As the Print jury, we tried to judge work from the point of view of a consumer and therefore looked for executions that were strong on human insights. We were excited about awarding the Grande Lotus to Bundeberg Red. As a piece of work, it ticked all the boxes and delivered great, classic advertising in print form.”
The 3 Gold Lotus awards were given out to PT Hakuhodo Indonesia from Jakarta for ‘Afrochina/ArabAmerican/Indijap’, DDB Group Singapore for ‘Life Cycle – Cityscape/Terrain/Roadmap’ and The Leo Burnett Group Thailand in Bangkok for ‘its Monologue Campaign work for Land Rover called ‘Mountain/Orangutan/River’.
Print Craft Lotus
The Print Craft category attracted 325 entries in 2013, more than 50% higher than the previous year.
It was also won the highest number of awards of any category - 40 in total, which included 12 Gold, 17 Silver and 11 Bronze Lotus awards. There is no Grande award given out for the Print Craft category.
Jury president, Santoshi Padhi, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of Taproot India, Mumbai said, “The winning work was very well crafted with great art direction (newness and freshness in terms of execution) and that’s what we liked about it.“
“There was a great amount of competition in this category this year so we had a tough time picking the winners. ADFEST normally has strict criteria not to award more than 3 winners per sub-category but because there was so much great work, we had to we had to award more work, which shows the high level of quality.”
The Print Craft categories where the 12 Gold awards were given were:
·         Photography, which went to Dentsu Inc, Tokyo for D&AD 2012 Exhibition in Japan ‘The Fruit: Pomegranate/Cherry/Apple’
·         Illustration, given to Dentsu Inc, Tokyo for Mars Lumograph ‘The Ultimate Pencil: Old Man’ and Best Use of Illustration, given to Dentsu Inc, Tokyo for Mars Lumograph ‘The Ultimate Pencil: Old Man/Flower’
·         Another Gold for Best Use of Illustration was given to Leo Burnett Group Singapore for National Library Board ‘Little Red Riding Hood/The Emperor’s New Clothes’
·         Two Golds were awarded for Art Direction. These were presented to Y&R Malaysia for Penguin Books ‘More than just the Classics Science Fiction/Travel/Architecture/Fairy Tales/Hobbies/Gardening’ and to DDB Group Hong Kong for Westone (Thinking Group) ‘Tunnel/Café/Train’.
·         A Gold for Retouching/Image Manipulation went to Illusion Co.,Ltd., Bangkok For WMF Boning Knife ‘Beef/Pork’.
·         A Gold for Best Use of Retouching/Image Manipulation was awarded to McCann Worldgroup, Bangkok for the same piece of work. JWT Shanghai also won Gold in this category for Toiletries ‘Civilization - Egypt/Rome’.
·         In the final category, Computer Generated Imagery, 3 Gold awards were presented to one company, Illusion Co.,Ltd., Bangkok. The 3 pieces of work that won them these awards were Westone (Thinking Group) ‘Tunnel/Café/Train’, Harvey Nichols ‘Maximum Impact: Rhino vs. Elephant’ and Toiletries ‘Civilization – Egypt’.
Film Craft Lotus
With 226 entries for Film Craft Lotus, there more than double the number of hopeful creative works for this category, compared to last year.
There were 25 winners for the Film Craft category, including 5 Gold, 10 Silvers and 10 Bronze Lotus Awards. No Best of Show is awarded for Craft categories.
Addict Media Films Seoul won 3 Golds in Directing, Editing and Cinematography for Samsung Camera ‘What Does Your Mind See?’, The Gold for Special Effects went to Alt.fx, Brisbane for Foxtel’s ‘Seeing is Believing’ and the fifth Gold was awarded for Production Design and went to Ogilvy Beijing for Volkswagen Phaeton’s ‘Singular Masterpiece’.
Film Craft Jury President, John Park, Founder and Direct of Addict Media Films, Seoul said, “There were fewer individual spots that stood out in the Film Craft category but overall, the level of craftsmanship was better than last year in many different categories, but especially in Cinematography.”
“Truth-based films that used a documentary style or captured moments in life were a big trend this year.”
This year, there were 13 entries to the New Director category. From this body of work, the Jury awarded one Silver, and Two Bronze Lotus awards, plus a commendation.
The Silver Lotus was presented to Leo Burnett Malaysia from Kuala Lumpur for Petronas ‘Strangers’.
Speaker and Breakout Sessions
On Day Two of ADFEST 2013, Yukio Nakayama presented the winners from ‘The Cup 2012: Celebrating Genius Loci’, followed by McCann Worldgroup, who presented the finalists’ work from Young Lotus Workshop. After lunch Dr. Andy Joohyun Lee from Cheil Worldwide presented ‘Empowering Consumers Influence in Marketing’. ADFEST delegates then assembled to see the AICP Awards, presented by Matt Miller, President & CEO of AICP. He was followed by by Micha Schwing of Getty Images, who presented some amazing shots, ‘On Social Photography’.
In addition to the speakers sessions, delegates were also able to book a place at ADFEST’s additional breakout sessions. These are designed to provide smaller more intimate sessions that provide additional skills or expertise to those attending. They run concurrently with the speaker programme. Today’s breakout sessions included ADFEST & D&AD Academy, which was scheduled in the morning.
In the afternoon, the breakout session was ‘A Trip Beyond the Comfort Zone’, incorporating Radio 4 Art Directors.
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