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AB InBev’s Brahma Beer Brings All its ‘Creaminess’ to Barbecue Meat

Advertising Agency
São Paulo, Brazil
Developed by Africa in partnership with Wessel, the 'brahminha' cut of meat offers zero waste for 100% enjoyment

The Brazilian barbecue is popular worldwide. There are famous cuts, such as Sirloin Cap, Rump skirt, and flank steak. But there was a one still missing.

Brahma beer's creaminess is unmatched by any competitor. And as the country’s most popular beer, also commonly seen at barbecue gatherings, it decided to surprise its consumers by launching ‘Brahminha’. The name, which blends the word ‘Brahma’ with ‘Maminha’, a Brazilian specific meat cut, might give the impression that the product is a beer-based sauce or seasoning, but don’t be fooled. ‘Brahminha’ is the newest meat cut in the market. A tender, creamy, juicy, and mouth-watering one, just like the beer.

Conceived by ad agency Africa, the idea was developed in partnership with Wessel, a traditional and renowned meat brand which helped to make ‘Brahminha’ a unique product by crafting a Short Rib that is different from the traditional ones: it is bone-out, bringing even more tenderness and allowing its complete consumption, so that a 100% of this exclusive cut can be served and enjoyed, avoiding any waste. 

With the initiative, Brahma innovates and becomes part of the Brazilian culture – once again – at the same time it promotes its main functional feature: the beer creaminess. All of this while valuing everything that a barbecue can provide for people, whether it’s a good time with friends and family or just an excellent gastronomic experience.

Recently, Brahma’s launched the ‘Foamy Haircut’, a perfect hairstyle that resembled a glass full of beer - golden liquid below and white foam on top - which was adopted by several soccer players, influencers, and people who have gotten into the hype. In addition to football, with ‘Brahminha’, the beer is now gaining territory in barbecue, another Brazilian cultural aspect, which is also a passion point for the brand. 

"We are always looking for new ways to do more than conventional advertising. We already knew that Brahma and barbecue went along very well, so we decided to get both together for real. We reached for Wessel, that helped us with the new cut, and we took the proposal to Brahma. The result was ‘Brahminha’, a product that combines the brand's passion point with all its creaminess", says Heloisa Pupim, ad agency Africa’s client services director.

‘Brahminha’ is available at supermarkets in the city of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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