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A Slice Of Lucky 21 Director Adam Littke

Production Company
Dallas, USA
Adam talks about how David Lynch helped kickstart his career and his upcoming short about twins and a bureaucratic battle
Recognised as one of the industry’s best young directors by being featured in Saatchi & Saatchi’s New Directors’ Showcase at Cannes and winning Best Music Video at the Los Angeles Film Festival, Adam’s idiosyncratic characters stylised with a retro-licious palette deliver artfully comedic performances and a truly original directing voice. Launching his career in London, Adam has directed music videos for artist Grum, TEED and commercials for BBC, Sony+O2, Internet Cafe, HTC and Jeremiah Weed. His work has appeared on/in NBC, BBC, Comedy Central, Fox, Bravo, Creativity, AdAge, TBS, Campaign, Pitchfork and of course Lifetime.

Q> You’ve said that David Lynch helped launch your career - we assume that goes beyond a shared love of pie?

Adam> Yes, I was lucky enough to have Mr. Lynch put one of my music videos into a festival. Forever grateful but I choose apple over cherry. Barely.

Q> What were some of your biggest pop culture influences growing up? How did any inform your interest in directing or the way you approach the craft today?

Adam> I’ve always loved music, TV and movies. Music is a big influence on me personally. We are surrounded by it at home with our family, in the car, at the office. I believe music influences my work in a big way. It informs my approach of performance, timing and editing.

Q> Your work often features idiosyncratic characters - how do you help define ideas through performance, and what do you look for in actors when you have a hand in casting?

Adam> Eccentric, subtle characters and people have always inspired me. I’m from a small town full of interesting people and it’s always intrigued me. I think humans are strange and I like to showcase this but only in small doses. I never want performances to be over the top but they must stand out -- so it’s a fine line.

Q> What are you working on now?

Adam> I’m currently shooting two commercials for a very well-respected national agency. I’m also writing, producing and directing a short film to be shot summer 2019. The story focuses on twin brothers who have recently lost the deed to their family estate and the ensuing battle with the small town gang of bureaucrats trying to repossess their childhood home. It’s equal parts Straw Dogs, Lost Boys, Home Alone and Double Impact. It’s currently in the early stages of Google Doc transcription.

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