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Salamandra have shared this informative guide to help you to better understand how animation can help improve your business

Ever wondered how diverse the genres and approaches in animation can be? Whether its to teach, inspire, entertain or captivate; Animation can be used in sales and marketing campaigns, as an effective way to impact audience or prospects. Visually, any company can showcase its story or brand narrative with the use of animation. Salamandra have helped to create this informative guide to help you to better understand how animation can help  improve your business

Read their gathered list of short list of examples that range in 3D, 2D, Live Footage & Motion Graphics, to show you the various ways animation can be used for business. 

3D Product Visualisation

For our first example, we wanted to showcase one of our own creations! Here we have a 3D visualisation of Milwaukee Power Tools (a client's) recent product.

We chose to design their product in a 3D software, showcasing its most important features and specifications. Successfully, our artists met the client's expectations and the animation went on to be featured at their live conferences and marketing EMEA channels. Have a look:

Live footage and Motion Graphics

In this example, we created a captivating blend of live footage and motion graphics for QA Apprenticeships.

We turned QA's services into an inspiring and motivating, marketing tool, and bridged the emotional gaps of starting a career path, getting apprentices to learn and start their new future.

Taking 7 hours of raw footage we crafted and overlaid this material and turned their live footage into an upbeat, visually pleasing, work of art!

It proved to be beneficial for QA as their YouTube channel received 5.5k views within a few months. Have a look below and try to imagine being an apprentice watching this...

Psychedelic and 3D

Here's an animation that falls into the live footage/3D animated category. The intent of the animation is to make you question the fabric of reality and how blending live footage and 3D can cause insane effects!

Right from the start, you begin to notice a distortion, unusual and unsettling but strangely realistic. It's not long until you begin to see the artist's vision.

No longer do you feel as though, you are in your normal established realm. But instead with the power of animation, your eyes succumb to a new sort of reality; shocked and awed by how creative imagination and technology can be.

In short, it doesn't take long for things to, 'spiral' out of control. Which is why words are no longer applicable to describe it and the only way, is to see it for yourself.

Explainer Videos

In this example, we show another creation this time for our client, Artemis Fund Managers. Here we created an explainer video used to inform investors about the funding programs they offer. We believe this to be a prime example of how animation can explain complex services, simply.

A Tribute Made by Artists - for Artists

This painterly animation was made using 65,000 different oil paintings, created by talented artists across the world.

Together they built a spectacle, dedicated to the legendary artist Vincent van Goth. It's an inspirational piece of art which went on to become a feature-lengthed film, featured on selected channels and cinemas around the world.

It's amazing what a group of talented individuals can achieve when working together on an animated project they love.

Watch below to see the teaser trailer that sparked huge interest on the internet, bringing a legend's story to life.

Social Topics

Another creation of ours tackles the question 'What makes British creativity so great'? This animation was designed to inform and visualise the progress of our society in Britan. Covering topics such as heritage, technology, prosperity and influence nationally and internationally. It even won an award and featured on @CreateBritan; an animation festival provider.

Commercial use and Animation

In this funky animation, we see a tv advert use the power of 3D rendering, visualising innovative and stylistic lamps that captivate audiences in interesting ways. If you can captivate... you can sell. Just saying.

2D Animation

For Millwood Servicing Ltd, as part of their marketing and sales campaign, we created an explainer video for them. You can see how informative, fun and upbeat their brand can look with assistance from appropriate animation!

In 1:39 seconds, we effectively conveyed crucial information of Millwood's services while at the same time meeting brand expectations. Our creative experts listened and understood each and every request, successfully executing our client's vision.

It was an amazing project to work on and we had a blast bringing their story to life. Millwood confirmed that the animation gave them a marketing advantage and improved their turnover and gave them amazing ROI!

What style is your brand?

In conclusion, we hope you enjoyed our list of different styles, genres and approaches within animation. If you need any help or assistance in animating your brand, contact us! Which style are you? We can help in bringing any story, product or service to life in new and innovative ways.

Have a look at our explainer video below for more information on how animation can benefit you, check out this link here.

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