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'A Hell Of A Job'

BBR Saatchi & Saatchi, Israel interview programmers within Diablo 3


BBR Saatchi & Saatchi IL, is recruiting a "god damned"programmer and they are searching in the most likely of places – within the realms of the most popular game ever released, Diablo 3.
This is the first time that a job interview is taking place inside the realms of a computer game – a great opportunity not only to make the usually stressful interviewing process more fun, but also to appeal to the target audience, and let them show their skills in a place they feel at home (hell).
Yossi Lubaton, the agency's CEO (and a Level 60 Barbarian), will be searching for worthy candidates who will rise up to the challenge. They will play alongside Lubaton's character in some of the toughest multiplayer missions the game has to offer.
During the mission, the candidates will be asked a series of personal and professional questions, and will also be judged by their game skills: fast reaction time, creative thinking and teamwork.
He/She who excels the interview in hell, will score the legendary Warmonger sword, one of the hardest adn most sought after items in the game, along with tonnnes of gold and the summons to attend an interview with Lubaton at the agency's offices.
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CEO: Yossi Lubaton
VP Creative: Nadav Pressman
Creative Directors: Eran Nir, Eddie Goldenberg
Copywriter: Shachar Aylon
Art Director: Ori Hasson
Digital Art: Asi Epshtain
Programmer: Leonid Angarov
Editor: Alon Shmoelof
VP Production: Dorit Gvili
Production: Avital Benchetrit, Alon Shmoelof
VP Digital: Maayan Tirangel
Digital Studio Manager: Danit Atia Moshe
Announcer: Reuven Miller
Announcer Manager: Sharon Chana