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A Fool Proof Guide to the LBB & Friends Beach

London, UK
Things are a little different this year, explains Laura Swinton, so read this if you want to hang out with us in Cannes

It’s Public Service Announcement time, people. As you may or may not be aware, in two weeks’ time there will be a wee gathering of advertising people in a quaint seaside town in the south of France. From what I gather, a few of you might be going.

Yes, as if you needed reminding, Cannes Lions 2016 is hurtling towards us at Hadron Collider speeds. The ever-popular LBB & Friends Beach will be back, with live music, massages at the Hanging Gardens, unmissable Happy Hours and tip top swag bags (hurrah!) and a few surprises too. And if you want to make sure that you get your spot on the sun lounger, read on…

What we love about the beach is that it’s become an offline embodiment of the LBB community. It’s lively, doesn’t take itself too seriously and is full of people doing business and making new pals from all over the world. It’s also a chance for us and our sponsors to say thanks to the people who we’ve worked with throughout the year and celebrate together.

That’s why this year we’re doing things a bit differently.

To get access to the beach, you’ll need to be invited by one of our wonderful co-hosts or work for an LBB member company. If your company is part of the LBB community (you can check here) and you haven’t received an invite get in touch. When you get your Eventbrite invite please RVSP (and make sure your colleagues have too!).

And if you’re not… well… there’s still time to join up. A meeting place for the week, free drinks at Happy Hour and the ability to boost your profile and share your work on LBB for the price of a couple of magnums of rose at the Carlton Terrace that you probably won’t remember… doesn’t seem too bad, right? (And if that rather awkward sales pitch worked, check out our media kit here)

To get you in the mood, keep an eye on Twitter and Instagram over the next week and a half for some cheeky sneak previews from us and the brilliant co-hosts, without whom none of this would be possible (seriously).

And on a personal note, before everything kicks into gear, a huge thank you goes to Katherine ‘Queen of the Beach’ Peach who has been working overtime to pull everything together to make sure that this year’s LBB & Friends Beach is the best one yet.

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