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A Bumper List of Christmas Ads from Global Independent Agencies

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London, UK
thenetworkone curates a festive round up of some of the best seasonal work from its agencies

With only a few weeks to go until Christmas, festive ad-mania is in full swing. Here, we share some of our favourite ads from agencies within thenetworkone, from animations which celebrate the power of community to an ad which promotes gender-inclusive gift giving.


mortierbrigade - Dreamland "Sinterklaas"

In Belgium, gift giving takes place on the 6th December. Children leave their shoes by the fire with a wish list and wait for Sinterklaas to bring presents.

In this TV spot, Belgian toy shop Dreamland enlists the help of mortierbrigade to create an emotive ad which encourages children to follow their dreams rather than gender stereotypes. The advert shows three brothers writing their Christmas lists, one of whom secretly wishes for a doll. He throws the list away, but when the brothers go downstairs in the morning to find their presents, he is delighted to find that his wish has come true.

The ad finishes with the message “unwrap your dreams”, spreading a positive message to children and parents to pursue whatever makes them happy, no matter what that may be.


The Richards Group - Hobby Lobby "Working Mom"

Hobby Lobby, one of the USA’s largest craft stores, build on last year’s campaign theme 'Christmas is what you make it' with this charming and relatable spot centred about a working mum.

The Richards Group share the sentiment behind the campaign: “The focus on Christmas has fallen to gifts in shiny wrapping paper, glossy ornaments on trees, and all the external trimmings of the holiday. But the only truly meaningful gift one can give is the gift of themselves - their time, their talents, and their love.

We wanted to remind people of this with a simple story of a single mum who is so busy working as a nurse, and taking care of her teenage son, that she hasn’t had time to prepare for the coming holidays. After she leaves for work one morning, her son—waking up and walking into the unkempt, sparsely decorated living room—has an epiphany. He rides to the electronics store and sells his beloved gaming console. With the cash, he buys ornaments to decorate the tree and house. When his mother walks through the door from work, she’s speechless. She sees the living room glistening with holiday cheer. But her attention falls to something on the floor—a laundry basket that’s filled with neatly folded laundry, and spotless dishes, wrapped with a large, red Christmas bow. As she realises her son has done the laundry and washed the dishes, she embraces him in appreciation for the true gift of selflessness he has given her.”


Fedoriv - Bodo "Impressions of the Gift"

Black Friday has become popular in the Ukraine, just like many other parts of the world. Bodo is a service that offers activity gifts, helping people choose memorable experiences instead of unnecessary gimmicks.

To relieve the Christmas agony of looking for a perfect present, the service went online with a series of commercials created by Fedoriv. The story unfolds around a girl who has chosen a bodo gift for her boyfriend, but can’t bear to part with it and longs to keep the present for herself.


St Luke’s - Very "Get More Out of Giving"

Very and St Luke’s partnered up to create an uplifting animation which celebrates the power of community and the true spirit of Christmas. The ad shows the neighbourhood racing to put together a Christmas surprise for lonely old man Sidney as he walks home with his dog on Christmas eve.

St Luke’s worked with a real community choir in Margate to record the soundtrack for the ad. The Social Singing choir brings together an inspiring group of people, each with a different back story but united by their love of singing. Have your tissues at the ready.

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