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55 Artists Come Together to Save the London Chinese Community Centre...with Tea

London, UK
One of Blind Pig's Animators is part of a campaign called Communitea who have all designed and donated artworks of tea

Due to the pandemic, millions of organisations have been put on their knees. This coupled with a frightening spike in anti-East and Southeast Asian hate has faced the LCCC, London’s oldest Chinese community centre with permanent closure. A diverse group of creatives have come together to help by creating The Communitea Shop. An online, tea-themed art platform in collaboration with Roomfifty to raise money for the LCCC.

“A lot of people see tea as a British thing, when in reality it’s about as Chinese as it gets. It’s a ritual of welcome and unitea (sorry) that we felt was a great tool for connecting people around the world. It’s been working well enough since 200BC!” says one of the Communiteam members Conrad Haddaway.

Diversity is a key point in this campaign, seeing not only an incredible roster of Asian creatives like Yipeng Zhu, Melissa Kitty Jarram and Charlotte Mei come onboard, but artists like Dominique Ramsey, Simone Noronha and Mary-Lou Faure from over 14 different countries.

“It’s not about spilling the tea on other races. But bringing people together in widespread healthy discourse about Asian culture and its importance in all our lives.” – Communiteam

In addition to over 50 beautiful prints, the shop is selling a single symbolic ‘Communitea Bag’ for £45,000. Enough to reach the LCCC’s JustGiving fundraiser goal and see them through the rest of 2021.

“Transformation starts with conversation. In the fight against Asian hate, our weapon of choice should be steaming cups and warm hearts. So, take this tea bag and let’s get brewing.”– Communiteam

The campaign launches on 6th May. The Communiteam hopes it helps people appreciate the importance of Asian culture. Start talking and of course, enjoy some really kickass art.

The Communiteam:

Kenn Lam, Andreas Hansson, Thomas Hedger, Conrad Haddaway, Inga Ziemele, Lawrence Scanlon, Liza Gusarova, Twomuch Studio, Sherwin Teo.

List of contributing artists:

Sam Ailey, Ralph Akhigbe, Biff, Famida Begum, Butt Studio, Cabeza Patata, Cachetejack, Cha, Ed Cheverton, Muhammad Fatchurofi, Marylou Faure, Rob Flowers, Steven Fritters, Yuk Fun, Viktor Hachmang, Conrad Haddaway, Andreas Hansson, Hato, Thomas Hedger, Jinhwa Jang, Melissa Kitty Jarram, Loulou João, Kenn Lam, Geo Law, Sam Leung, Helen Li, Lunatic, Bárbara Malagoli, Charlene Man, Maïté Marque, Charlotte Mei, Joseph Melhuish, Murugiah, Yolande Mutale, Shian Ng, Simone Noronha, Omse, Darius Ou, Christine Peters, Kyle Platts, Debbie Poon, Wei Prior, Dominique Ramsey, Danielle Rhoda, Jack Sachs, Lawrence Scanlon, Alva Skog, Sam Taylor, Sherwin Teo, Jimmy Turrell, Twomuch.Studio, Bo Xu, Yarza Twins, Zipeng Zhu, Inga Ziemele. 

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