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4 of the Best Hidden Gem Locations That Spain Has to Offer

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The most exciting filming destinations that you’ve probably never heard of
Its dramatic landscape, long summers and rich, storied history have landed Spain in the enviable position as one of Europe’s most popular production destinations. We all know about the Wild West approximations of the Canary Islands or the spires of the Sagrada Familia, but there are picturesque corners of the country that even the most grizzled producers are oblivious to. 

LBB’s Alex Reeves asked some of Spain’s top service producers to share the most interesting shooting spots they knew about that have remained well-kept secrets until now.

An adventurer's mountain palace

Paul Abrey, Managing Director at Palma Pictures> This magnificent view, set in the heart of the Tramontana mountain range in Mallorca, provides a glance at one of our favourite film locations. Set among centenarian olive groves and pine forests it faces the magnificent sunsets over the Western Mediterranean. 

This palace was the residence of traveller, writer and ethnologist Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria, son of the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Leopold II. In 1867 Ludwig Salvator, after sailing the entire Mediterranean sea, settled in this place, allured by its great beauty, which at present stands very much the same as he found it 150 years ago. We particularly love this location for its scenic uniqueness but also because it was the setting of one of Palma Pictures’ very first jobs with actor Michael Douglas and photographer Annie Leibovitz.

A volcano with a slice cut out of it

Laura M. Diez, Producer at Sur-Film> El Croscat is both the youngest and highest volcano on the Iberian Peninsula. It’s located in la Garrotxa (1h30 from Barcelona) and what makes it unique is that the northeastern flank of the volcano was quarried for gravel. The extraction left an incredible vent, 100m high and 400m long covering 40º. This section allows the observation of the internal structure of the cone. The greatest thing is that it’s possible to walk into the crater. It’s not a well-known location. Some music videos and art pieces have been shot there, but not many…. we like to keep it a secret.

Otherworldly black lava flows

Magnus Thulin, Executive Producer at Rabagast> One of my favorite locations can be found on the Canary Islands. There are seven main islands, and each has a distinct look and feel, with landscapes that will inspire in person and on film. You can find locations here that you would expect to only find in a place like Iceland, but with gorgeous, year-round weather and five-star hotels just 20 minutes away. One unique location is the black lava fields on Lanzarote - it is a captivating road and vista that certainly makes any car stand out, strikingly.

Innovative modern architecture

Chloe Graham, Producer at Watson Production> This amazing location has unique, innovative architecture and spectacular sea views - they won’t fail to inspire creatives as a modern blank canvas to style for a variety of fashion, commercial and editorial shoots. Watson Production has a broad range of fantastic locations and houses like these on our roster to offer your production. [You’ll have to call them to find out the coordinates of this particular hidden gem.]

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