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180heartbeats + JUNG v MATT Rebrands innogy with Campaign Filled with 'Good Energy'

Advertising Agency
Warsaw, Poland
Agency helps Polish energy provider rebrand to E.ON Polska

innogy Polska is one of the biggest energy providers in Poland. This year the brand’s name will change to E.ON Polska.

The rebranding campaign from 180heartbeats + JUNG v MATT combines the values inherent in the DNA of innogy and E.ON and assumes their continuation. The key is to develop solutions that make people’s lives better and to care for the environment in which we live.

The first stage of the rebranding has been launched online and on social media. The agency has prepared a special website, where three reportage films have been released. Their heroes are Varsovians with good energy, who implement the idea of sustainable living. Each of them has their way of taking care of the environment - living according to the principles of zero waste, choosing a bike over a car, or drawing energy from solar panels. The heroine of the first video is Sylwia Korczak, who works for innogy. The second film is about Martyna Zastawna, the creator of the WOSH WOSH brand, and the third video is devoted to Antoni Barłowski, who owns an allotment garden. 

"In recent years we have taken several steps towards cleaner air in Warsaw," says Agnieszka Kamińska, marketing communication manager, innogy Polska of the E.ON Group. "Soon we will continue to intensively develop this direction and offer the Varsovians new pro-ecological initiatives, supporting the production of energy from renewable sources. According to the slogan "WE can do more" we believe that even small changes implemented on a large scale will bring us all greater benefits. That is why we invite our customers to cooperate, with whom we share the concern for the future of the city."

"In the rebranding campaign we give voice to the people of Warsaw with good energy," says Michał Sęk, creative director at 180heartbeats + JUNG v MATT. "We found real residents of Warsaw, whose lifestyle reflects the 'green' philosophy of E.ON Polska. They are the heroes of this campaign. Their stories perfectly illustrate the vision of joint action for the environment under the slogan 'WE can do more'."

The rebranding campaign is addressed to current customers and residents of Warsaw (25-75 years old, apartment and house owners), housing communities, developers, as well as innogy employees.

In addition, an OOH campaign has been launched. Subsequently, further branding and product activities are planned. Information about the brand’s new name is also successively communicated in mailings and inserts sent together with invoices to customers. Since mid-December innogy Polska will operate under the name E.ON Polska.  

Agency 180heartbeats + JUNG v MATT implements campaign as a result of a tender won at the beginning of the year.

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