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180 LUXE Takes Miss Dior to a New Level of AR for #WAKEUPFORLOVE Global Campaign

Creative Agency
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Parfums Christian Dior team and 180 LUXE collaborated in a unique way to re-imagine the brand’s traditional campaign as an immersive digital experience

For the launch of the new Miss Dior fragrance, 180 LUXE brought together 3D art, ground breaking AR technology for Snapchat and Instagram filters, to create a one-of-a-kind digital experience for a new generation of Miss Dior fans.  

Elevating the campaign codes to impactful formats 

The campaign is the first from the newly formed 180 LUXE unit, part of 180 global ecosystem of creative offerings. For the campaign, Parfums Christian Dior team and 180 LUXE collaborated in a unique way to re-imagine the brand’s traditional campaign as an immersive digital  experience.  

180 LUXE’s 3D-artists recreated some flowers from the campaign pattern individually, to mimic the look and feel of each petal and its colour-grading. Each flower used within the Miss Dior fragrance including peonies, daisies and thistles have been split into various sequences, giving the impression of the flowers truly blooming through the user’s screen. 

Augmented reality at the core of the digital effort for Miss Dior 

The Parfums Christian Dior and 180 LUXE teams created an augmented environment in which consumers can experience the Miss Dior world through their smartphone.  

The AR experience that is being rolled out includes a number of different technologies. Firstly there is a selfie filter for Instagram, in which the user’s smile triggers a blooming effect around  the flowers, all sound tracked by Janis Joplin’s Cry Baby. There is also an Instagram back camera filter in which the camera recognises the new Miss Dior bottle and makes the flowers bloom around it. 

For Snapchat, 180 LUXE partnered with GoSpooky to co-create an experience where, once the  user opens the filter, a full floral garden blooms from the ground. Google’s Creative Works also used 180 LUXE’s creative assets to develop a Google Lens which will be released across various markets. 

Innovating for the community’s benefit 

Marie Lastes, 360 digital and innovation manager at Parfums Christian Dior added: “We are  always trying to develop innovative, never-seen-before formats. The new capabilities on Instagram and Snapchat, as well as the very advanced features we have access to thanks to our partners like Google have helped us to build an augmented experience for our communities worldwide. It’s a way to leverage and track impactful, best-in-class technologies while finessing our innovation roadmap for the coming months.”

Laurent François, managing partner of 180 LUXE explained: “The creative work that has been  developed with Parfums Christian Dior team is at the crossroads of crafts and arts, and digital  advertising. It mixes illustrative techniques, 3D work and rendering, but also lighting and editing, with a strong focus on user experience and pushing technical boundaries. As a result, the campaign can become truly dynamic, immersive and have genuine cultural value to the Miss Dior community.” 

This newest augmented iteration of the fragrance is one for the next generation that builds on the legacy of Christian Dior’s Miss Dior while offering a new scent, new flowers and a new recipe.  

The ads and formats that have been created will be pushed worldwide across global markets, starting from early September 2021. 

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