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15 Years of Louis Vuitton City Guides
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Paris, France
BETC Paris revamp for 15 world cities

Marking their 15th year, Louis Vuitton, in collaboration with BETC Paris, unveils a new look for its city guides, now covering 15 of the world's most exciting cities.

New cities, new features, new format —the Louis Vuitton City Guides get a complete make-over, emerging entirely refreshed and revitalized. Nothing has been left to chance to make this fifteenth-anniversary edition truly exceptional, ensuring that this unique collection of guides stays ahead of the pack. The new look, to be unveiled in November 2013, reinvents the guides while making sure that their faithful readers will love them even more!


Since 1998, Louis Vuitton has been sharing its insatiable urban wanderlust through its City Guides. Eagerly awaited every year and heralded even by the world’s most sophisticated travelers, they truly capture the heart and spirit of each city explored, offering a hand-picked selection of exceptional places, delivered with flair and conviction. This year, the collection embarks on a new journey, taking in fifteen of the world’s most exciting cities across all its inhabited continents: Beijing, Cape Town, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Miami, Moscow, New York, Paris, São Paulo, Seoul, Sydney, Tokyo and Venice.


For its fifteenth-anniversary edition, the collection also gets a fresh lease on life. New features, new perspectives, new contributors, and a new layout—all more lively and more cohesive, to make readers feel entirely at home, so that they can easily find their bearings from one city to the next, from one guide to the next. Now presented as individual volumes, beautifully illustrated with exclusive photographs, the Louis Vuitton City Guides are no longer bound by geographical limitations. New and fascinating destinations have been added to the journey and abiding favorites have been revisited.


Readers will be thrilled to rediscover the subtle mix of places — from conventional to quirky, classical to avant-garde—behind the collection’s success. As urban aficionados, attentive to the changes shaking cities to their very core, with an offbeat and refreshing take on fashion, design, contemporary art, food and culture, the Louis Vuitton City Guides unlock the secrets of each city. They benefit from the wide-ranging contributions of a team of journalists and authors from different countries and backgrounds. Never shying away from subjectivity, these fiercely independent contributors may purposely avoid the usual expected places and reveal others off the beaten track, always articulating their own personal vision, taking in everything from the most exquisite hotels to the very best chocolate shops, from neighborhood eateries to elegant luxury boutiques, from electro dance clubs to little-known museums. Rather than focusing on price as a main consideration or the latest hot spots, the Louis Vuitton City Guides always look above all to quality when making their selections. By identifying trends and offering recommendations not found anywhere else, by providing the most up-to-date information, filtered through their unique perspective, they are intended as much for travelers with time on their hands as for jet-setting business people, and even for residents of the cities explored.