Kate Oh

CCO & ECD - Cheil WW HQ

Kate Oh
Since the start of her career in 1994, Kate has been a creative force at Cheil Worldwide in Seoul. Starting out as a copywriter, Kate quickly advanced into being appointed Creative Director in 2004 and Executive Creative Director in 2011. Kate is currently VP and Executive Creative Director.

With her innovative talent of bridging human cognitive and sensory responses and technologies, Kate has been a key asset in Cheil’s global partnership with Samsung.

During the course of her career, Kate has received numerous awards, including Cannes Lions, AdFest Grand Prix, AdStars and Spikes Asia Grand Prix. In addition, she has been a jury member of LIA, CLIO and Cyber Cannes Lions.

Clients include Korea Telecom, Samsung, Dunkin Donuts, UNHCR, Tesco and Burger King.