Samsung - A Moon For All Mankind

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Brand: Samsung Electronics

Client Lead: Yvonne Ng

Post Production / VFX

Post Production Company: Framestore

Lead Tech Artist: Makoto Tanaka

Lead CG Artist: Taekyu Yang

Lead Production Technology: Richard Fish

Developer: Thor Bunting

Tech Artist: William Arterton

Lead Developer: Alex Perry, Jonathan Forder


Sound Company: GCVRS

Audio Developer: Mirren Malcolm-Neale

Technical Lead Sound Engineer: Steve lane


Project Governance: Justine (Eun-Sook) Koh (Cheil)

Lead Software & Project Manager: Jason Fox (Mannetron)

Lead Hardware Engineer: Peter Jungen (Mannetron)

Creative Agency

Creative Agency: Iris

Account Lead: Fraser Thomson

Client Governance: Jeremy Cochran

Project Governance: Jordan Harper

Project Lead: Stuart McKenna

Event Production Lead: Chloe Aldridge

Integrated Production Lead: Alexis Garcia

Digital Agency

Digital Agency: Iris

Production Company

Production Company: Framestore

Executive Producer: Heather Kinal

Producer: Taylor Kennard

Head of VR: Karl Woolley

Framestore, 1 year ago