BET - Yes To Us

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Advertiser: BET

Creative Agency

Creative Agency: BET Brand Creative

PRODUCTION MANAGER: Hershelle Burton, Sr. Project Manager at BET

CREATIVES: Kendrick Reid, SVP and Exec Creative Director at BET. Adrian Hilton, Vice President Creative Director at BET. Jerome Q. Ford, Creative Director at BET. Jo-Well Paupaw, Senior Writer Producer at BET. Kevin Abreu, Associate Producer at BET

EDITOR: Ed Trader, Director Editorial Operations at BET

COLOR CORRECTION: Charles Kline, Grdian FX

VO: Celeste Seda, Talent at BET

AUDIO MIXER: Brady Hearn


Music Company: Butter Music & Sound

Composer: Hunter LaMar

Chief Creative Officer: Andrew Sherman

Executive Creative Director/Composer: Aaron Kotler

Executive Producer/Managing Director: Ian Jeffreys

Senior Producer: Renee Masse

Butter New York, 4 months ago