CDSS - Mindsets

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Canadian Down Syndrome Society

Chair: Ed Casagrande

Interim Executive Director: Laura LaChance

Marketing & Communications Manager: Kristen Halpen

Board Member: Ben Tarr


Research Chair, Associate Professor: Dan Gordan

Research Assistant: Vivian Merzbach

Posit science/BrainHQ

Co-Founder: Jeff Zimman

CEO: Dr. Henry Mahncke

Research and Development: Mouna Attarha

FCB Canada

Chief Creative Officers: Nancy Crimi-Lamanna, Jeff Hilts

Executive Creative Director: Andrew McPhee

Associate Creative Director: Michael Morelli

Associate Creative Director: Marty Hoefkes

Copywriter: Jon Dawe

Art Director: Jerry Yang

Chief Strategy Officer: Shelley Brown

Director of Strategy: Eryn LeMesurier

Strategy Coordinator: Audrey Zink

VP, Managing Director: Tim Welsh

Group Account Director: Blake Connolly

Account Supervisor: Ilaria Ragno

Agency Producer: Adriana Laborde

Project Manager: Cori Pettit

Production Artist: Douglas Hayter

Senior Production Artist: Jesse Reid-Smith

Proofreader: Jayne Heaton

Production Artist: Dominic Pimpare


PR: Shannon Stephaniuk

Production Company

Director: Scott Drucker

Director of Photography: Scott Drucker

Camera Operator: Scott Drucker & Chet Tilokani

Photographer: Chet Tilokani

Editor: Jon Garofalo

Audio House
Grayson Matthews

Audio Producer: Kelly McCluskey

Director: Mark Domitric

Engineer: Brian Bernard

Music Supervisor: Rich Hamilton

App design
Bliss Interactive

Head of technology: Thomas Colliers

Head of Project Management: Joni Allert

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