CP FreshMart - Search 'N' Ambush
Advertising Agency
Bangkok, Thailand
Agency / Creative

Customer Insight 

The collected data from Google reflects that during the Covid-19 situation, up to 55% of searches are related to cooking and 4X more about online food delivery. Therefore, we choose to focus on doing marketing through Google Search Ads (SEM).

Studying the consumer insight, most people are looking for the most beneficial options while most of the fresh food industry still offers free delivery with terms and conditions; therefore, CP FreshMart took this concern and turn it into an opportunity by offering what consumer wants. 

Objective & Strategy 

The campaign objective was to increase online sales from first-time users. The challenge of the goals lies in the media budget since we were competing with giants in Supermarket business with much bigger budgets but we want to gain more new users and drive sales at least 1X in order to stay in the race.

Our goal is to encourage customer to choose CP FreshMart business service over other competitors. Since over the last year, Thai people tend to shop online a lot more and when they do, they usually search for relevant promotions and services. Besides, their first orders are usually small in contrast to the expensive delivery fee. That’s why CP FreshMart with its unconditionally Free Delivery has the potential to win over its competitors as it is more relevant to the consumer’s behavior which we believe that they will keep coming back once they have tried.

Regarding this fact, CP FreshMart bid for the 2nd position ads by using the keywords that consumers tend to search most from their own needs along with using an engaging message that tells more about motivational benefits. In this way, we spend less budget with better feedback compared to those who bid for the first place by spending more with condition in its service.

Effectiveness & Business Results 

Based on the planned Media Strategy, we took the advantage of the placement beneath the competitors by using simple yet hooked headlines to point out for the customers that our service is better than the upper store.

Its frankness created a unique first impression and drew attention to the promotion which made the customer give the brand a try. Since the consumers were already keen on getting the most valuable option, once they saw that our offers were unconditional, they were willing to try ordering from us which resulted in the double number of new users.

The campaign wrapped up with some unexpected numbers as follows; 151% increase in total number of customers,  2X number of new users, 5X average Click-Through Rate for Household goods, Campaign budget of $18,750, Return on Ads Spending 16X ROAS, and $300K total earning in a month.