Lion's Den - In is the New Out

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Client: LION’S DEN

Pete Potenzini, Director of Marketing

Agency: Fancy NYC

Co-Founders / Co-Chief Creative Officers: Katie Keating and Erica Fite

Lindsey Seyman, President
Dani Dufresne & Robin Baudreau, Producer

Production: Workingstiff Films, Inc.

Matt Pittroff, Director, Founder
Steve Blair, Executive Producer
Brenna Mathers, Producer
Kyle Deitz, DP

Postproduction: Fencepost

Editor: Nate Pence

Colorist: Fred Keller

Graphics: Jesse Willis

Sound Designer / Mix: Sarah Krohn

Music: “Tell Me Where” Stoney Waters Ryan Scott & Robin Macmillan

Workingstiff Films, 4 months ago