Salvation Army - You Donors

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Agency: WMcCann

Client: Salvation Army

Product: Institutional

Campaign name: “If you are not going to use it, better donate”

CCO: Hugo Rodrigues and André Marques

COO: Kevin Zung

Creative direction: Eric Sulzer and Fernando Penteado

Art Director: André Candeloro

Copywriter: José “Juco” Borba

VP of Planning: Luciana Padovani

Planning: Camila Collesi, Acauã Bonifácio and Fernando Birche

Service: Vivian Cecchi and Vivian Esposito

Media VP: André França

Media: Camila Moraes and Daniel Gebara

Production VP: Tato Bono

RTV: Melina Balassanian

Public Relations: Kerena Neves and Bruna Ramos

Client approval: Tiago Mendes, Larissa Vieira and Neide Leite

WMcCann, 1 year ago