Absolut - One Night

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Brand: Absolut

Advertiser: The Absolut Company

Post Production / VFX

Creative Director: Andy Rowan-Robinson

VFX Producer: Charles Howell

Post Production Company: Framestore, Framestore

2D Artists: Raul Ortego, Sebastien Boulange, Gigi NG, Karch Coon, Nick Tanner

Design: Callum McKeveny

3D Artists: Phil Robinson, Charlotte Bae, Nate Diehl, Georgios Cherouvim, Mohamed Echkouna


Sound Company: Soundtree

Creative Agency

Creative Agency: BBH London

Executive Creative Director: Ian Heartfield

Assistant Producer: Zaf Choudhury

Producer: Victoria Keenan

Production Company

Head of Production: Sophie Hubble

Managing Director/Executive Producer: Stephen Brierley

Executive Producer: Caroline Kousidonis, Sophie Hubble

Director: Emmanuel 'Chivo' Lubezki

Producer: Nick Goldsmith

Production Company: Park Pictures


Music Company: Soundtree


Producer: Antonia Porter

Editor: Russel Icke

Edit Assistant: Greg Hayes, Joe D'Ovidio

Edit Company: Whitehouse Post

Framestore - New York, 1 year ago