Apex & The Game Awards - Live from Mirage’s Holo-Day Bash

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Client: Respawn Entertainment

Creative Director, Marketing: Drew Stauffer

Producer: Jon Judelson

Executive Producer: Drew McCoy

Director, Brand Management: Jason Torfin

Director, Strategy: Robbie McCawley

Senior Activation Manager: Devin Bennet


Production: The Mill

Directors: Lisha Tan, David Lawson

Group Director, Emerging Technology: Boo Wong

Executive Producers, Emerging Technology: Dan Phillips, Aurelien Simon

Producer: Emily Avoujageli

Production Coordinator: Michael Novo

Live Action Producer: Alicia Haldenwang

Live Action Associate Producer: James Morse

Technical Innovations Manager: Tawfeeq Martin

Lead Developer: Hiro Miyoshi

Technical Artist: Troy Barsness

Technical Artist/FX: Daniel Soo

3D Lead: Robert Chapman

Rigging: Nole Murphy

Concept Artist: Ed Laag

Matte Painting: Bill Lu

Modeling Leads: Derrick Sesson, Dustin Leon

Modelers: Valentin Erbuke, Samantha Pedregon

Deputy Head of 3D/Lighting Supervisor: Chris Bayol


Editorial: The Mill

Editors: Rochely Zapata, Rauri Cantelo


Facial Tracking and Capture: Cubic Motion

Body Tracking and Capture: Animatrik

Mill Berlin, 1 year ago