Procter & Gamble - Share the Love Campaign
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Durham, USA
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“Caring for baby’s happy, healthy development” — this purpose drove Pampers to be the leading diaper brand for nearly 60 years. In marketing, this purpose showed up primarily in two ways: product superiority and a focus on baby.

But parenting today is drastically different — and arguably much harder — than it was 60 years ago. The majority of new moms work outside the home, many of them go it solo, and they live far away from 'their village,' their family network who can help with baby. And while there’s no instruction manual for having a baby, there is endless advice and judgment from every corner of a new mom’s world, especially in her social feed.

Recognizing these challenges, Pampers recently evolved their purpose from being solely focused on babies to also lifting up parents. The objective of this campaign: Show up for moms in a powerful way.

The creative idea imagined a different reality for moms. What if the constant drumbeat of their negative inner monologue could be replaced with positive thoughts? What if, instead of worry, doubt, and guilt, moms felt encouraged, supported, and reassured that they were enough? What if self-criticism could be shifted to self-compassion?

What if moms could see themselves through the eyes of their babies?  

This powerful reframing gave mothers a valuable gift — the realization that, to their baby, they are perfect. And it spurred an integrated campaign with affirmations at the center — from the brand to mom, from moms to other moms, and most importantly, from mom to herself, encouraging all moms to #ShareTheLove.