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MTN DEW - Dewnited States

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Music Company: BOYTOY, KIZMIT Studio

Music Supervision: Saara Untracht-Oakner, Chase Noelle, Joshua Rouah

Production Company

Producer: Dez Stavracos, Lucia Davies

Production Company: Hornet

Production coordinator: Riley Spencer

Developer: Kristin Labriola

Executive Producer / Head of Production: Sang-Jin Bae

Editor: Anita Chao

Director: Andy Baker

Executive Producer: Hana Shimizu


Voice Over: Eric Miler

Sound Company: HEARD CITY


Rendering: Natalia Perez Melendez

Lighting: Richard Kim, Rui Zhu

CG Supervisor: Eric Lane

Animators: Sami Healy, SueJee Lee, Kevin Li, Casey McDonald, Andres Padilla, Mark Pecoraro, Tomas Vallecillo, Nick Zweig

Compositor: Peter Fink, Ted Wiggin

Production: Andres Padilla, Tomas Vallecillo, Ciara Bresnahan

Designer: Jackie Ferrentino, Claire Kho, Saad Moosajee

Lead Character Design: Cristian Martinez

Storyboard Artist: Tim Rauch, Sami Healy, Tomas Vallecillo, Ciara Bresnahan

Lead Animator: Mike Luzzi

Animator: Geo Barnett, Ciara Bresnahan, Tyler Dibiasio, Krystal Downs, Kathleen Gleeson, Sami Healy, SueJee Lee, Kevin Li, Casey McDonald, Andres Padilla, Mark Pecoraro, Tomas Vallecillo, Jon Yellowhair, Hazel Zheng, Nick Zweig, Ciara Bresnahan, Tyler Dibiasio

Executive Producer: Hana Shimizu

Producer: Dez Stavracos, Lucia Davies

Director: Andy Baker

Animation Company: Hornet


Brand: MTN DEW

Advertiser: PepsiCo.

Creative Agency

Assistant Account Executive: Aaron Cary

Account Director: Jen Layton

VP, Account Director: Phil Brolly

Managing Director: Mark Cadman

Business Manager: Paul Cisco

Art Director: Kelly Kennedy

Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars, Greg Hahn

Executive Creative Director: Doug Fallon, Steve Fogel

Producer: Caroline Deason

Planner: Steve Panawek, Chris Cummings

Copywriter: Rich Fiset

Creative Agency: BBDO NY

Hornet, 1 year ago