AT&T - Cinema
Advertising Agency
New York, USA
Agency / Creative
Post Production / VFX
Music / Sound

AT&T Train

We open on a train chuffing through the Great American West circa 1870. We cut to a group of bandits about a mile down the track, laying sticks of dynamite. Back inside the train cabin, the conductor leans out the window for a better view as he pulls the whistle. He suddenly has a terrible realization: “They’re blowing the track!” They slam on the brakes, but the train has too much momentum. The bandits detonate the dynamite, derailing the train. As the dust settles, the “face” of the locomotive suddenly comes to life. We reveal that the entire world has been replaced by stop-motion miniatures. The train cars sing about needing to get the train back on the track. The figurine bandits are dumbstruck as the train chuffs off into the horizon. A super appears: “From Westerns to Family Films, get movies and more with AT&T unlimited plans.”

AT&T The Shot

We open on the waning seconds of a 1960s high school basketball championship. The ball is passed to Tommy, who nervously looks for an open teammate. With everyone guarded, he reluctantly takes the shot, the crowd anxiously watching. The ball bounces dramatically, eventually dropping through the basket, triggering a cathartic celebration. After the celebration dies down, we find Tommy in the locker room. The mood and color shift to something unexpectedly colder. We hear a voice say, “Forget about us, Tommy?” as two men approach him. A fight erupts but is quickly ended with the press of a button, which opens the face of Tommy, revealing his robotic interior. The two men drag him away. A super reads, “From Sports Dramas to Sci-Fi, get movies and more with AT&T unlimited plans.”