Skittles - Therapist

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Editor: Jim Hutchins

Edit Company: HutchCo Technologies

Edit Assistant: Austin Hickman-Fain

Executive Producer: Jane Hutchins

Post Production / VFX

Post Production Company: Blacksmith

Colourist: Fergus McCall / The Mill

Colour Company: The Mill NY

Producer: Bindy St Leger & Tim Regan

VFX Supervisor: Daniel Morris & Joey Deady

Executive Producer: Charlotte Arnold


Sound Company: Heard City

Producer: Andi Lewis

Executive Producer: Sasha Awn & Jackie James

Partner: Gloria Pitagorsky

Sound Engineer: Philip Loeb

Production Company

Production Company: SMUGGLER

Director: Ruth Bellotti

DOP: Alwin Kuchler

Executive Producer: Patrick Milling-Smith &Brian Carmody & Allison Kunzman

Creative Agency

Copywriter: Will Eno

Chief Production Officer: Diane Jackson

Producer: Jason Georgen

Creative Director: Nathaniel Lawlor & Ruth Bellotti

Art Director: Ruth Bellotti

Executive Producer: Matt Blitz

Creative Agency: DDB/Chicago

Executive Creative Director: Colin Selikow

Chief Creative Officer: John Maxham & Ari Weiss

Heard City, 11 months ago