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Zulu Alpha Kilo
Advertising Agency
Toronto, Canada


Welcome to Zulu Alpha Kilo.
We are a full service agency in Toronto. To us, ‘full service’ means daily shiatsu massage, in-house plastic surgeon, Vegas-style all-you-can-eat dinner buffet, and a Paleolithic artifact wing.

We are the country’s leading user of marketing buzzwords. Synergy, edutainment, gamification, shoptimization. We’ll give you those for free. Then we take these buzzwords and combine them, creating patented Super-Buzzwords™. For those, we’ll charge you handsomely. Only Zulu Alpha Kilo offers “The 10% Guarantee.” It means we charge 10% more than other agencies, and guarantee our clients will like at least 10% of our work.

We focus 100% of our energy to deliver the best creative product. The other 100% is to deliver flawless strategy. Digital accounts for the other, other 100%. Zulu Alpha Kilo is the only agency that can offer 300% dedication to our client’s business while other agencies only offer a pathetic 100%.