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Lisbon, Portugal
A:Rua da Moeda 1, Sala 1 1200-725 Lisboa PORTUGAL




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Portugal being in the most extreme southern western point in Europe has a Mediterranean/oceanic climate having the Atlantic Ocean bathing it’s 943 km of coast line with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and all the benefits that come along with that. In addition to main land Portugal there are the archipelagos of the Azores (667 km) and Madeira (250 km) primarily surrounded by rough cliff coastlines, both located in the Atlantic Ocean.

Portugal with its rich history and unique geographic allows to offer a great variety of locations architectural and natural landscape speaking. But Portugal is not all history, it has a great variety of contemporary architecture giving it a unique potential for a great variety of locations. Portugal's capital, Lisbon has the lowest rain index of all European capitals with its 2,799 hours of sunshine during the year. The annual average temperature varies from 15º to 16º C. Shooting in Portugal allows productions to have access to very experienced crews, great locations and equipment, hand in hand with a great variety of world class hotels.