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Underneath the palm leaf is a full-service production company and director agency, producing for and representing the next generation of storytellers in music videos, commercials, and branded content. Launched by Alex Rozanec, a dude with a mild obsession for cinema and music, TrePalm’s mission is a threefold operation: Educate, Entertain, and Escape. 

Alex is a student of popular culture and a purveyor of stories. He holds an English degree from the University of Toronto, plays guitar, and enjoys the music of The Eagles and Jimmy Buffett, aside from all that, he produces videos with consummate filmmakers for musicians and household brands. 

Not long ago, Alex resided and shadowed operations on the West Coast, in Los Angeles, with household production companies DNA, Inc. and Artists and Derelicts. He then returned to Toronto and founded TrePalm, bringing back West Coast vibes and top quality filmmaking to the East.  


Production Company

Director Agency

2018 CSC Award for Best Branded Content Cinematography - Kombat Arts, "Legacy"