They Shoot Films
Production Company
Johannesburg, South Africa
A:11 Mackay Ave, Unit 3, Ground Floor, Blairgowrie




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they are a production company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We specialise in commercials and anything cool.

We represent; Alan Irvin, Grant de Sousa, Adam & Jonathan (Duo), Mel & Lusanda (Duo).

If, like us, you’ve always wondered who that mysterious “they” is behind comments like “they say it’s going to rain”, then the quirk behind our name might make a little bit of sense to you. “they” is us.

Director Alan Irvin and Executive Producer Darren Gordon are a team of passionate filmmakers and storytellers working out of Joburg and Cape Town South Africa. But instead of boring you with a lengthy history, we’d prefer our work to speak for itself.

So take a look and answer that other mystery, “who the f*&k are they?”



We produce kick ass award winning commercials.

Each director offers a unique vision and collaborative process to every job we produce.


Chicken Licken, KFC, Toyota, Coca Cola, MTN, Hyundai, Ster Kinekor, Dairymaid, to name a few 

Joe Public, Ogilvy, FCB, Fox P2


Loerie Grand Prix & 4 x Golds 2016 for Ster Kinekor

Loerie Gold 2017; Ster Kinekor

One Show, Ad Focus Ad of the year, Integrated Campaign of the year, 2016

Loerie Craft certificates 2018; Direction (Alan Irvin), Cinemtapgraphy; Production Design, Performance 

Ciclope Africa 2018 GOLD; Casting

Ciclope Berlin 2018; Bronze; Casting

Ciclope Africa 2019; Best director (Grant de Sousa), Best VFX, Best low budget

Finalists; Ciclope Berlin

Loerie 2019; Golds for Chicken Licken, Icelandic Boy; Performance, Production Design, Performnace, Visual Effects, Internet Film over 90'