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WHO: At THE UNKNOWN, we’re iconoclasts and storytellers specializing in Branded Entertainment, creating impactful messaging that attracts the right audience to your brand.

We don’t pander. We don’t force your brand in front of any audience. We identify the ideal audience, and create culture defining moments and stories that they embrace. Because your brand messaging needs to transcend forgettable, annoying interruptive commercial marketing. 

At THE UNKNOWN, your messaging becomes value based stories that enter the zeitgeist and attract an audience who embrace your brand. They’re empowered by your message and take pride in their loyalty. They become active in their relationship with you. 

WHY: We don’t believe in followers. They can be bought. We believe in leaders. Because they have vision. To have a successful audience, you need positive connectivity. You need a global plan and the practical experience to execute without wasting time or money. 

That’s what we do. 

SO WHAT? Another ad agency, production company, content marketing & strategy, branded entertainment firm or artist studio with big data in a hyper competitive digital landscape... 

Why should you care about THE UNKNOWN

HERE IS WHAT: We transform people from passive viewers into an active audience. When your story creates a real connection, you have the customers of today and tomorrow. 

Our strategies connect you to the right audience, not only making them loyal to your brand, but connecting them to a positive cultural experience based on your brand’s values. 

We create stories that penetrate the cultural zeitgeist around your brand. The stories you remember. The stories that start conversations. The stories people embrace.

More importantly, we bring effectiveness to your brand through Branded Entertainment, and help you maximise and monetize every Dollars spent.

Step into The Unknown…

The Unknown challenges the status quo of advertising. We are a pioneering Branded Entertainment Agency, creating solutions for clients craving an alternative. In a marketing landscape packed with ad blockers and ‘skip ad’ feature, we create the stories that you remember.

More so, we create the stories you seek.

- Bombardier Commercial Aircrafts

- Bombardier Business Aircrafts 

- Canadian Armed Forces

- Tourism Montreal

- Nespresso 

- Vention 

- Dodge Ram

- The Wrap

- GQ Magazine 


- Unicef Canada 

- BRUNET Pharmacy