The Turn Lab
Advertising Agency
Toronto, Canada
A:2216 Queen Street East Toronto, M4E 1E9


ICA (Canada)

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One part consultancy.

One part ad agency.

One part technology company.


All parts problem-solvers.


We are adventurers, leveraging curiosity, data-driven insights, and 25 years of market expertise to pinpoint and solve your business challenges. 


Our lab team consists of industry veterans, entrepreneurs, innovators, storytellers, strategists, creative thinkers and tech wizards. We are collaborators tied together by a single mission: to turn the tide for your business.


We are a lab. We experiment, but we aren’t reckless. We use data and insights to inform 360° solutions that will deliver what’s most important for your business: results.

theturnlab is a certified B Corp. 100% carbon neutral. 100% green energy. 100% committed to contributing to a world that’s good for all. Our people, our planet, and our communities – theturnlab team are all proud protectors.    


- POLAR Electro

- Metro Toronto Convention Centre

- National Access Cannabis

- META Cannabis Supply Co.

- Enwave Energy

-Henry's Camera

-DHX Media


-Save The Children Foundation

-Nature Conservancy Canada

-World Wildlife Fund


Telly Awards 2018

Silver: Liquor Stores USP TV campaign

Bronze: CAA Don't Drive High

Bronze: Henry's Artists Profiles