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Syncbubble is an award winning creative music agency based in London, with a network of artists and composers spread across the world.
For a market over saturated with music companies, we are unique amonst our contemporaries; we are a music agency run by actual musicians (imagine that).

From humble beginnings and a quiet launch in 2015, word of mouth has spread and we have grown to become one of the most influential music agencies in the UK, covering everything from legal advice to original composition for advertising and long form film, brand development to music supervision, consultancy and procurement. 

We will do whatever it takes to simplify the musical process, which is why we developed our own innovative search engine, aptly named 'Syncbubble'.
On Syncbubble you will find a carefully curated selection of published and non published music from our own bespoke catalogue, which you can sync to your film immediately.