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Prague, Czechia
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At simple film we believe that film production should be effective and efficient with personal attention to detail. Our goal is to assure a high quality result while offering a cost-saving service to our clients. 

Marek Viktora, MD and founder of simple film, has 25 years' experience in advertising both on the agency side as head of TV and more recently as executive producer for several large production companies. He has worked with just about every agency network on ever size, shape and form of brand and content. 


The Czech Republic is one of the world's top destinations for international film productions, and a country with an esteemed film history as well as a robust local film culture. In the last 20 years, major studios and independents from all over the world have brought their films here for awesome locations, world-class facilities, and exceptional talent. Prague's varied architecture has allowed the city to double for dozens of other places and time periods in film, from medieval Europe to modern America - giving producers big savings over the original locations. 

simple film offers complete production services - from research, budgeting, location scouting, casting, scheduling, crewing to actual shoot and post production. No job is too big or too small for us.