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Together we create visual stories.

Shadowplay is a collective of creative minds focused on crafting the best imagery for your needs.


Whether you require a unique image or a full creative service, our team works closely with you from the initial spark of an idea to the finished visual story.


With our fusion of photography, post-production, film, CGI and virtual/augmented reality, Shadowplay becomes an extension of your imagination, taking imagery in new directions to give you the creative advantage.


See differently ®


Not only do we bring our clients concepts to life, we do so differently. We can take a client’s idea, and make it happen. Whether they think it is possible or not.

Our core capabilities include:

- Photographic Production


- Compositing and Motion Graphics

- Moving Image and Film

- Post-Production / Retouching

- Virtual / Augmented Reality


Pre - Production

Shadowplay can manage all elements of a project to ensure the smooth transition from the initial idea to the completed work, always considering your brief, budget, brand, deadlines and desired result to deliver beautiful results.

•Full budget management

•Location sourcing / Studio hire

•Casting / Model booking / Fee negotiation

•Stylists / Hair & Make Up sourcing

•Set design and building / Model makers / Prop sourcing


•Travel / Transport / Accommodation

•Insurance / Permits / Licences



Shadowplay understand your vision and we bring all aspects of production together to create it in our own different way. We may be involved in the creative development, ideation and storyboarding, helping understand the client’s objectives and offering the best way of achieving this.

Alternatively, we can be led entirely by our agencies, bringing their concepts, sketches and storyboards to life in the way they feel best suits the client.



Being led by an advertising photographer, every shot and image is meticulously worked on – from beautiful lighting set ups, CGI with photographic realism, quality control and high end production values. All aspects of the productions are fully project managed to help ensure budgets, deadlines and above all the brief is being met through every stage.


Multi - disciplined

Being an integrated agency, we have the ability to use all services to create our client briefs. No longer is the need to use a separate agency for CGI, film and photography. At Shadowplay we can combine all aspects under one roof – enabling the process to run smoothly and more efficiently. In the long run, this saves time, money and eliminates stress.

We offer combined rates for capturing film and stills on the same day – due to our specialist equipment and lighting – the client receives a seamless/consistent look, all shot on the same days, again helping the clients to get the most out of their budgets.

Now combining these strengths to combine with virtual and augmented reality, including productions of 360 films.


We have a varied list of clients, from smaller regional advertising agencies, to worldwide creative agencies and brands. No matter what the brief, big or small, we help our clients achieve their visions and bring their stories to life. 

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