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Salamandra.uk is an Animation and Design studio based in Eton and DundeeWe work as a visual content agency with FTSE 100 companies, start-ups, Advertising and PR agencies alike. We are experts at conveying complex messages.


Salamandra.uk creates tailored animated content and offers a full design and branding service. We specialise in 2D/3D animations and illustrations, slick motion graphics, film/programme titling, bespoke branding, engaging infographics, AR/VR, animated presentations and unique marketing campaigns. 

With a passionate and flexible team, we work on creative projects across many industries.  From children’s book illustrations to corporate explainers, training videos or epic presentations, this talented team of creatives produces unique and powerful visual productions for any platform. We do this by getting to the core of each project, visualising the environment and, quite literally, building the world around it.