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Advertising Agency
Madrid, Spain
A:Príncipe de Vergara, 12 4B, 28001



Immortal awards entries

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We're an independent creative agency with offices in Madrid and Barcelona. We're the heirs of Villar-Rosàs. We work with Spanish clients and also international accounts.

We've inherited a way of doing advertising that has brought us to where we are today.

We're the new direction of the agency we once were. We believe in a job well done,in hard work, in love for our profession and in honesty. We've inherited the obsession to build solid brands, to give them a voice, to define their soul.

We've got no doubts about where we come from. If we're ever compared with Villar-Rosàs, we'll feel proud; we form part of their history and their work but we're a new agency with new energy and new motivation.


This job captures us, it obsesses us, it hurts us, it saves us, we love it and we loathe it. That's the way it is. It's not an easy relationship. We admire the great ideas that others have seen before, we simply hate coming across adverts that treat us as fools... Advertising is invasive, often annoying, it chases you and beats you down. But it's also able to cross the line, reach people, become a part of pop culture, surprise, entertain, contribute and excite. And that's exactly what we want to do.


Nike, Martini F-1, Honda, Bacardi Dark Spirits, Dewar’s, Decathlon, Damm, Casa Tarradellas, Cacaolat, Kas, Alvalle, Deoleo, Deutsche Bank, Laboratorios CINFA, SEAT, Uniqlo...


Cannes Lions
1 Grand Prix
1 Gold
1 Silver
1 Bronze

Festival El Sol
2 Grand Prix
6 Gold
15 Silver
7 Bronze

1 Gold
3 Bronze

EFI (Premios Eficacia)
2 Gold
2 Silver

C de C (Club de Creativos)
1 Grand Prix
3 Gold
9 Silver

2 Grand Laus
7 Gold
23 Silver
24 Bronze

Premio Nacional a las Artes y las Ciencias aplicadas al Deporte

5 Gold
2 Silver
2 Bronze

Chicago Film Fest
1 Gold

2 Silver

Festival Publicidad Fútbol
3 gold