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Rosapark is a boutique agency with an international mindset and a bilingual team. Based in Paris, we create work for markets in Europe, the United Kingdom and South America.


We keep a sharp eye on new ideas, technologies and strategies so that our clients have a head start over their competitors.


We believe in collective intelligence, that great ideas are built through interaction and sharing with ones clients.


Because we are entrepreneurs, we better understand the business challenges of our clients.

healthily paranoid

In a world that is constantly changing, we're always on look out for ideas that challenge what we think is certain. 


We are a full service advertising agency working across brand image, retail and packaging. 


Google, Armani Acqua di Gioia, Monoprix (urban supermarket), Thalys (high-speed rail), Le BHV/Marais (upmarket retail), Brother, Societe Generale (banking), Boulanger (electronics retail), Acqua di Gioia (Armani fragrance), Fondation Pour L'Enfance (child safety charity), The French Football Federation, Puressential (Health and beauty), Passoa, Alzheimers Research, Acqua For Life, Innocence en Danger, Wonderful Pistachios.


1x Grand Prix, 3x Gold, Mobius Awards 2014

1x Grand Prix, 2x Gold, 4x Silver, 4x Bronze, Cristal Awards 2014

4x Silver, 1x Bronze Epica 2014

2x Bronze, Clio 2014

1x Gold, 2x Silver, 2x Bronze, Eurobest 2014

1x Silver, 1x Bronze Cannes Lions 2014

4x Silver, 1x Bronze Kinsdale Sharks 2014

1x Silver, 1x Bronze Epica 2013