Offroad Films
Production Company
Mumbai, India
A:4th Floor. Crystal Paradise. DS Road. Off New Link Road. Andheri West. Mumbai 400 053. India


ASAP (India)

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We're offroad.

We're not typical. 
We do things differently. 
We do different things.

It's the small things that set us apart. 
Sometimes those are the big things.

Our passion, for example.

We’re passionate about making 
commercial films that are uncommon 
in treatment and effectiveness.

It starts with the idea. 
Not the director. 
Or the actress. 
It starts with the brand 
and the story.

That's our aim. With every project.

We go beyond the brief. 
That’s just how we work. 
We celebrate brands. We celebrate 
our clients. We celebrate our partners. 
We celebrate the directors who 
work with us. We celebrate films.

Our name says it all. 
Our work does too.

Offroad Films, founded by Khalil Bachooali in 2011, is an independently-owned, creativity-led production agency that solves business problems with audio-visual content. Offroad offers a full range of film production services, and works with some of the biggest brands and film directors across the globe. Offroad brings a unique storytelling ability that elevates brand messages in today’s media saturated marketplace.