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NO SHEET MUSIC is a full service music production company.

We are music fans with a focus on partnering with inspiring new artists and award winning media composers to create a quality catalogue spanning all genres.

Music is in our bones...

From the team behind Wisebuddah, we are musicians and music fans simple as that.

Since 2014 we have provided music for a variety of advertising projects, film, radio and TV productions.

Our combined experience as songwriters, producers and musicians allows us to take an informed yet unique approach to each project.

That perfect piece of music...

As with any high end library, we have an extensive range of pre-cleared, high quality production music, written by a collection of the world's most exciting musicians and writers.

Our albums range from contemporary to classical, orchestral to electronic, always useable and sonically excellent.

Discover your sound...

We are flexible and understanding of the creative process, knowing that music briefs can often change with the vision. We use our extensive musical knowledge and technical skill to find your perfect sound and bring it to life at the very highest level.
Music Supervision
World beating music supervisors, with a wealth of experience.

Whether you're looking to licence a well-known piece of music, or a track from an up-and-coming, unknown artist, we can perform a search and provide you with a variety of options.

We will take care of the complete licensing process, always keeping a keen eye on your budget.

We take pride in surrounding ourselves with the utmost in talent and ambition. Head of Business Development Dan Altendorff, has already cemented an admirable reputation in the field of music supervision, having accumulated a wealth of knowledge and successful syncs in the space of five years.

With placements as far ranging for prominent brands including Bang & Olufsen, McDonalds, IKEA and Tesco, Dan brings forward a proactive approach in ensuring No Sheet Music's vast catalogue has the best opportunities in being heard across all visual media.


Bespoke Music
Understanding a bespoke music brief and creating work which answers it, not only to a high quality, but in a short space of time is key to surviving in today’s modern media.

No Sheet Music prides itself on maintaining strong partnerships with it’s stable of award winning film & TV composers as well as inspirational new artists.

We're ready to create the perfect piece of bespoke music using a selection of hand-picked producers, writers and artists who will approach your project, not only with passion and creativity but with experience of the pressures of today's creative process.

No Sheet Music represents the following composers non-exclusively for Advertising, film, trailers, gaming projects, TV Themes and corporate projects. We’re also happy to pitch for your next project so feel free to get in contact with Dan and we can begin.