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Monster music is an award-winning boutique music agency for high-end music production. We are a group of passionate composers, songwriters and talented producers.
We work closely with the most exciting brands and creative agencies . We always look for fresh New Sound and always find an authentic way for each brand to create the unique sonic branding. We do music searches, music production, compose an original score and licence music. We don't work for our clients, we do work and create together as partners, until we are all happy!

Since 2010 Monster Music has helped to create many advertising campaigns for many brands like, Nescafe, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Sprite, Toshiba, Castro, TV Shows such as X-Factor and The Voice, Golbary, Chevy, Mazda, Fiat, Braun ,many fashion brands and others.

Cannes lion 2015 - YDA award, for "We are who we become"

Promax- New York 2015 award, for The voice 2015 with Reshet

Promax- New York 2016 award, for X- Factor, with Reshet

Promax LA, 2017- SILVER award for an original music score for the launch of the HBO Channel with Playground

Promax LA, 2017- GOLD award for the launch of THE VOICE with Reshet