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JUNE 11-15.
Enrique Gruber will be in London visiting UK production companies.

JUNE 18-23
Enrique Gruber and Pablo Behrens will be representing Metropolis Films at Cannes Lions 2018 from Monday July 18 till Saturday 23.
In Cannes we will be based at Plage Courage courtesy of LBB but you will occasionally see us at the bar of the Carlton and Martinez hotels or cycling down La Croisette. It's a tough job but somebody's got to do it.
We are always available for an espresso or a drink.  Let's catch up with news and watch the world go by.
We will be updating this news section regularly. Next will be about Metropolis Films recent jobs for European production companies and some extra services that Metropolis provides.



Please enquire about shooting in other South American countries. We have produced services for UK, German and European commercials production companies in Costa Rica, Peru, Puerto Rico, Paraguay, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela. 

Essentially, we are passionate about production challenges and try to meet them to the highest possible standards of cost transparency, quality and safety.


Who can take you fishing at the edge of the Iguazu Falls and bring you back dry and WITH the hard drive? Metropolis Films can (for Thomas Thomas UK).

Who can take you in a kayak up to the edge of a giant glacier in the icy waters of the South Atlantic and bring you back warm and WITH the hard drive? Metropolis Films can (for Partizan UK).